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Milestone bream.

Posted by on 12th July, 2015 in Fishing Reports | Comments Off on Milestone bream.

When a plan comes together. It took me 30 years to catch a 60cm fork length wild river bass – a unicorn as some call them. What is the bream equivalent? Is 2.2kilo out of the racks the same? I say “SHIT YEAH!” After dropping a similar (or same fish) in the same isolated racks last week – which left me gutted – I went back today and nailed this fish. Dropped another of her mates back into the pack of similar and bigger fish. Two long runs under the racks which seemed to take forever (I still have the teeth impressions in my lower lip) but managed to electric her...

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Lucky7 interview at

Posted by on 13th January, 2013 in Fishing Reports | Comments Off on Lucky7 interview at

Veteran freelance writer, photographer, videographer, David Seaman takes our Lucky 7 interview this week. David requires little introduction. He’s been writing columns for fishing magazines since the age of 14, some 35 years ago. Read more at...

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Welcome to DLM

Posted by on 9th November, 2012 in Fishing Reports | Comments Off on Welcome to DLM

Hello and welcome to the Drop Lizard Media website. Each week we will share what's new, what's on the bite and how to get amongst them.

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